Dye lock pro


Prevent loose dye from staining other garments in your loads!

With just one Dye Lock™ fabric sheet in your laundry, you will:

  • SAVE TIME by combining colors and wash loads.
  • SAVE MONEY by washing fewer loads of laundry.
  • SAVE WATER with fewer loads of laundry. Dye Lock™ fabric sheets are also effective in low water level machines that sometimes concentrate color bleed.
  • SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT because fewer wash loads mean less energy consumed.

When a Dye Lock™ fabric sheet is added to your wash load, it captures loose dye preventing it from staining onto the other garments in the load.

Once Dye Lock™ attracts the loose dye it will never let it go, keeping all your colors safe and bright!

As long as a Dye Lock™ fabric sheet is in your washer, your clothes will always be protected!


A Dye Lock cloth can be used again and again, up to 30+ washings.

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