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We, at GOSCIN SALES, would like to THANK YOU for your interest in our services and let you know a little more about us. Goscin Sales Company was founded in 1948 by Ed Goscin as a Manufacturer’s Representative in the laundry and dry cleaning industry. Mr. Goscin’s primary lines were laundry and dry cleaning textiles, identification tags, packaging products, safety pins and accessory items sold through full line distributors.

He was based in Oklahoma City and covered several states. In the earlier years, most small cities had at least one full service laundry and several dry cleaning plants. You could easily find the laundry by looking for the tallest smoke stack in town!

As the industry changed and the territory expanded, Ed moved his headquarters to Dallas in 1961. Ed’s son, Dave, worked in the industry and eventually joined Goscin Sales Company in 1986. Ed’s daughter, Linda Stuart, joined the company in 1990. As the industry has changed through the years, additional lines and more territory have been added to enhance our service to the distributors and plant owners.

Dave is currently working with Epsilon Plastics in Rancho Dominguez, CA and Linda is managing the company. Ed Goscin remained in an advisory position until his death in July 2014.


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Carry Straps

Eliminate the need, cost, and complication of bags, twine, and carts with self-adhering customizable laundry package carry straps.

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